New Zealand halted a

After the increase in Coronavirus cases in Australia and New Zealand Decide to comment “Travel bubble” between the two countries It was in effect From April 19. The decision came after some new cases were identified in Australia: particularly in the region of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, which will enter a three-day lockdown.

The “travel bubble” was created as a result of the low spread of the virus in both countries, to allow travelers between Australia and New Zealand to do so without having to go through a quarantine period. Already since last October we have been traveling from New Zealand They can enter In most Australian states without the need for quarantine, but it was not the same for travelers from Australia to New Zealand, about 1.5 million every year before the pandemic.

Over the past year, Australia and New Zealand have managed to contain the epidemic through strict restrictions and because they are islands that do not share their borders directly with other countries. New Zealand’s approach to the emergency was considered Gifted Since the beginning of the pandemic, when the government closed the borders and imposed a strict lockdown. Unlike many European countries, for example, New Zealand has maintained its restrictions for a long time and has continued meticulous contact tracing activities. In several cases, identifying a small number of new cases was sufficient to prompt the New Zealand authorities to enforce them the new A complete lockout.

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