Lakers, Clippers and Nets on the same player

While some teams still have the option to enlist in the playoffs, now is the time to get some bargains. In this game, Nets, Clippers and Lakers follow with interest the same player. A battle on the horizon.

Now that the deadline has passed and the biggest free agents are in the works, it’s time to do some good work. You have to be smart when going through an employment fund, like the Lakers with Ben Maclemore. The latter is already developed, So much so, that he got LeBron James to react Himself.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great shot for Angelino’s side, who knows having good assets on the bench is a good thing in qualifying. But we must believe that Rob Belinka is not satisfied yet, just like the other leaders.

Truth be told, he thought the Lakers would have an interest in graduate league. the problem ? Nets and Clippers as well as Jazz and Bucks follow the same player: Joe Johnson, Who is trying to return to the league is 39. His contribution could be helpful, and these notable names understood it.

The Bucks aren’t the only team interested in Joe Johnson. Other teams to watch: Clippers, Nets, Jazz and Lakers.

With 11 points, 9 rebounds and 6.5 assists on average during the final qualifiers with Team USA in February, Izu showed Joe, to the point of giving him ideas for a return to the big league. For now it’s too early to tell, but the benefit is there.

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In light of the qualifiers, all of the reinforcements are good. For the Lakers for example, just like jazz, it is also a way to knock off the best players at the end of the regular season. Joe Johnson knows the league well, which makes it a huge asset.

Ready to come back, Joe Johnson is already someone who’s courting. It remains to be seen who will want to take action, and under which type of contract. We must be steadfast in the coming days.


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