Wonder Boy Collection

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Do you like Wonder Boy series? If so, we have good news, as publisher ININ Games and developer Bliss Brain have just officially announced the Wonder Boy Collection for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

I’ve already seen some players get disappointed not to see the assembly coming to consoles X-Boxnor in PC… and it seems that this never happened! But that’s not the only bad news today, because if Wonder Boy مجموعة group Official, no release date!

After the bad news was announced, now is the time to find out what this set includes and that’s okay, because we know so much about it! With collection wonder boy Wonder Boy fans get a total of four games from one of the most influential series in the video game past:

  • Wonder Boy (1986) – Help the boy rescue his girlfriend Tina who was captured by the evil king. Guide him carefully through different areas and fight against the devious enemies waiting for you on your mission. Use a variety of items that help the boy in his adventure. Face the evil king in different battles to achieve your goal and save Tina!
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987) – After years of Wonder Boy’s adventures, the beautiful peace of Wonder Land is once again destroyed by the invasion of dragons with their evil monsters that turned Wonder Land into Monster Land. The book helped fight monsters, defeat dragons, and restore peace to the land and its people. During your journey, you will be able to collect equipment and magical spells to help you in your battles. But be careful, each round is limited in time, so you need to be fast!
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991) – Guide young adventurer Shion and help him on his quest to defeat the evil BioMeka and his army of monsters that threaten the Earth. However, Siwon is not alone! Accompanied by 4 spirits Priscilla, Hota, Shabu and Lota, he explores different regions of Monsterland. Collect money, weapons, armor and magic spells to grow stronger and defeat evil!
  • Monster World IV (1994) – A young girl named Asha embarks on her mission to save the four souls who have been captured by evil witches. With the help of Asha’s loyal companion, Pepelogoo, they overcome all obstacles and fight their way through various enemies!
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You’ve got it, the set is perfect for old players who want to rediscover past successes, but also for new players who aren’t allergic to 2D or pixel art!

By your side, you will give up Wonder Boy مجموعة group ?


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