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Gerard Depardieu is a great epicurean. Guy Ro is well positioned to find out. Marking Spread his work ConfidenceAnd the Co-writing with Alexander Alan (Talent Sport Editions), the former football coach interviewed FigaroAnd the Published Monday, May 17, 2021. It delivered the main round-ball character to his professional career as well as the meetings that marked his life. The opportunity to reveal an anecdote about the 72-year-old actor, who has Rubbed shoulders during his years on top of AJ Auxerre. And the least we can say is that Clementine Igo’s companion does not need to pray for him when it comes down to it Consume alcohol.

In columns for the daily, Guy Rowe recounted one of his memories with Gerard Depardieu: “He was in thalassotherapy in Saint-Malo where he had to lose weight for a role.”He said before continuing: “He was depressed … He called Gerard Burgoyne (then AJA Vice President) and told him he was coming to see us to change his mind. ” And to add: Then we ended up in the pool. He said to me, “Ah, aren’t we okay here, Jay, without the paparazzi? “We finished the day around a table. He was dropping a 1.5 liter bottle in one go! ” One memory among many: “The last time I had lunch with him, was at a dinner with artists from the Montpellier Opera House, with my late friend Louis Nicolein. I had two friends next to me with hell. Thorn! We drank a good Languedoc wine, But mildly, rest assured, ” He concluded with a good sense of humor. at Telematine Broadcast on France 2 On November 26, 2015, the actor also mentioned Alcoholics Anonymous, and he did not hesitate to denigrate their methods.

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Their memories are on Earth

Very close to AJ Auxerre at the time, Gérard Depardieu Accompany Jay Roe to some soccer matches. “During the French Cup semi-final in Marseille, at the Stade Velodrome in 1996, he landed with four gorillas who participated in a campaign for Chirac, remember the former coach of Auxerre. He went to the field to live this moment with us. “

Guy Roux – Varieties de France soccer match against parliamentarians for researchers from the Necker Institute (Necker Institute for Maladese Children) at the Emile-Antoine Stadium in Paris on September 20, 2016. Christoph Clovis / BestMage

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