Descubren una nueva luna en Júpiter

student of astronomy Discover new color in orbit Jupiterand became the first amateur astronomer to discover an unknown planetary moon of ل Sciences.

This new moon got the temporary name of Ejc0061. It is believed that its origin was most likely the result of the separation of a portion of the Karmic moon. One of the 78 moons currently orbiting Jupiter.

Kai Lee became the first amateur astronomer to discover a planetary moon through his research. His discovery has been published in the Minor Planet Mailing List, an organization that is part of the Harvard-Smithsonian University Astrophysics Center in the United States. We hope this discovery will help renowned scientists to make more and will be custom term paper writing help and resource for students.

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How was the discovery of the moon on Jupiter?

For the research, Kai Lee analyzed multiple online images from the Canada, France, and Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) that would have been taken by researchers at Dante University in Hawaii in February 2003 after purchasing it with other records, the student was able to discover a new member of the Carme group. Which consists of a group of 22 small moons orbiting Jupiter.

After this discovery, the number of moons that have been discovered on Jupiter has reached up to 80 natural satellites that have been found on this planet. Despite this, Saturn is the planet with the most moons in the solar system. The planet has 82 recognized natural satellites. About two more than Jupiter,

This isn’t the first time this amateur astronomer has made discoveries. In the past months he had already managed to teleport four Guevall satellites that had been lost. The above with open data from science and research platforms.

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