Transforming Afghanistan, Germany, and the Netherlands: Suspension of Repatriation.  Taliban advance: Over 17,000 people have taken refuge in Kabul

the Germany I decided to comment back asylum seekers Afghans whose application was rejected “because of unstable conditions the security of the country.” A similar ruling was adopted byHolland, whose authorities have suspended repatriation for 12 months, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice announced, Anki Brokers Knoll. the European Commission announce it to stop To forcible return aftermilitary attack in progress by TalibanBut a handful of countries opposed it: Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany. The latter decided today to convert after the Taliban decided to do so He also conquered the city JoyComing to control 65% of the country.

A spokesperson for the German Interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer, specified that the suspension was in effect “still of the opinion that there are people in Germany who should leave the country as quickly as possible.” However, the situation in Afghanistan is “currently changing too quickly for us to accept this responsibility.” Behind 17 thousand people have merged to Acceptance In the past two weeks, they have left their homes and cities to escape the encroachment of the Taliban, camping in parks and on the streets. Report it Tamim AzimiSpokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Emergencies. In the north of the country, homes and cities were the scene of clashes between fighters Islamic extremists and the government forces who are trying to stop their progress. to me Washington PostCited by US officials, the administration Biden Preparing for the fall of Kabul Within 90 daysWhile others believe that defeat will happen at home Month.

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They are, however, at least 60 miles, more than half of children, people who have abandoned property status a Kunduz Only from the weekend, the second save the ChildrenAnd move to areas where there are no clashes. The only place where the displaced are concentrated is the garden The month of Now de KabulThe government did not provide aid and only some private individuals did. Some of the displaced reported that they received nothing, because the volunteers refused to speak to them as women. Two public toilets are available for about 400 people, while medical services are not available.

Another 2,000 people took refuge in another park in the capital, again without government assistance. Yesterday the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle BacheletAt least 183 people have been killed and 1,181 civilians injured since Monday, he said Lachkar Jah KandaharAnd Herat NS Kunduz. He stressed that the real toll “would be much higher”, while there were reports of summary executions, attacks on officers and their relatives, military use and destruction of homes, schools and hospitals, and the spread of mines.

Meanwhile, officials at US Department of State think more Resize from the staffThe Embassy in Kabul. They reveal it to CNN Two informed sources, while the Taliban continue to do so earn land in Afghanistan. At the moment – according to the same sources – work is underway to identify the essential staff working in the embassy and there is likely to be some kind of evacuation partial. The United States has already reduced the number Diplomats a Acceptance earlier this year and has continued to slowly reduce its total headcount over the past few months.

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