Strasbourg veut évaluer l'impact de sa zone à faibles émissions - mobilités (ZFE-m).

Impact assessment of the implementation of the Low Emission Mobility Zone (ZFE-m) in Strasbourg. This system, launched by the state, aims to reduce pollutant emissions in major cities. The dedicated observatory set up by Eurometropolis (EMS) and entrusted to the Agency for Development and Urban Planning of the city of Strasbourg will monitor many indicators related to air quality, the development of the vehicle fleet, as well as the use of transport infrastructures. “The evaluations will make it possible to consider modifications to the system, if they prove necessary,” comments in a press release by EMS President, Pia Embs.

Adopted on October 15, 2021 and implemented on 1He is Last January, ZFE-m introduced a phased ban on vehicle trading based on their Crit’Air label. First Crit’Air 5, in 2023, up to Crit’Air 2, in 2028. According to the community, two “reinforced” evaluations of the first ban measures are scheduled for 2024 and 2026 to verify the feasibility of the approved schedule. They will be able to bring in EMS and mayors to “adapt the timetable for the ban,” he recalls the October deliberations.

Oversight Committees

The effective creation of the observatory was recorded during the first meeting of the political follow-up committee of ZFE-m, which includes elected representatives of all political groups represented within the city. A regional monitoring committee has just been formed, comprising other communities involved in the implementation of ZFE-m, as well as mobility operators, representatives of the economic and energy world and user associations. It will have to collect information related to the implementation of the ZFE-m. Its first meeting is scheduled for May 2022.

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