Highways: From February 1, tolls increased by 2% on average


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This is another bad news for motorists: Mardi the first of februaryFee rates increase. journalist Anne Claire correct Explains why, live on the France 3 website.

Fee rates increased by “+2% on average this year across the entire national grid, an annual increase calculated on inflation and investments made through highway concessions, says Anne-Clair Le Saint, lives in France 3. The largest increase in the motorway network in the south of France, operated by the company Ynchy “, According to the journalist. This is an increase of 2.19%, It stands behind the Eiffage Group, with its Paris-Rhin-Rhône motorway, increasing its prices by 2.02% on average for 2022.

“This is the biggest increase since 2019,” says the journalist. In 2020 and 2021, they stayed below 1%. It must be said that during the Yellow Vests crisis, the government asked motorway companies to make an effort. This new increase will take effect on Tuesday, February 1, “Considered unacceptable by the Association of Motorists and Consumers”, Conclude Anne Claire Low correctLive broadcast on France 3.

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