Crisis in Ukraine, diplomacy in action for a Biden-Putin meeting -

Leaders will talk to each other over the phone or see each other via video conferencing. The goal is to reduce tensions between the two countries and to organize a new contact

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Washington, – Diplomats from the United States and Russia are working to organize contact between them Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Objective: cooling The new Ukrainian crisis
. It is not yet clear whether the two leaders will speak to each other on the phone (this will be the fifth time) or will meet each other at the conference, in the format used in
The last Biden Xi Jinping summit
. Face-to-face in existence seems highly unlikely: it will be the second after the June meeting in Geneva. Accordingly, the dialogue between the two capitals is still alive despite the tensions of recent days. Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blink Fresh from a series of intense talks with Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov. The Biden administration has significantly strengthened relations with Kiev. From 2014 on, Washington has always guaranteed massive arms supplies to Ukraine, forcing to leave Crimea for Russia and Donbass to actively supported militiamen from Moscow. A process that began with Obama and did not end with Trump. In all, they provide $4.9 billion in military aid. This year the value of the package is 400 million dollars. However, Biden has gone too far politically. Last September, Biden received Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House. On that occasion, the two leaders signed a new drafting of the Ukraine-US Strategic Partnership Charter that reinforces the mutual commitments enshrined in the first version signed in 2008. In essence, the US pledges to support the country’s territorial independence and sovereignty. Ukraine. In return, they get cooperation in energy and security.

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