Restart pressing on Salvini-

The preparatory summit between ministers must be concluded there Formalization of the Undersecretaries’ Agreement especially Led to the drafting of the merger draft for Nadef, an update note to the Economics and Finance documentto be sent to the House and Senate closely.

This is a key document indicating the room for maneuver the Executive intends to take by increasing the deficit to 4.5% for 2023 (from the current 3.3%, under current legislation) in order to It mainly funds interventions against expensive energy. This will account for three-quarters of expenditures on an additional 21 billion deficit that the government is preparing to report to Parliament. Focusing on the Q3 GDP estimates that Istat will release tomorrow.

But the hot topic remains the topic of bills. a Fourth Ambulance Intervention for Companies and Families, perhaps already this week with the second cabinet, which extends some of the measures that are nearing completion. Measures that can be financed by relying on it Ten billion treasure inherited by the Draghi government As additional revenue resulting from an increase in income from some indirect taxes such as value added tax.

But it is said that he is inside the government Minister’s activity Infrastructure and Deputy Prime MinisterAnd the Matteo Salvini, which pays to reduce the wasteful and savvy of the income of citizenship. On the other hand, he says, a billion taken from the income of those who can work will be used to fund the 102nd share of pensions in 2023. We will restore it by suspending it for six months to 900,000 income earners who are in a position to work.

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of opponents Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna region, attacks the government over healthThe first step is a slap in the face of knowledge and responsibility.


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