In her diary, the Saint of the Divine Mercy narrates about the vision and prophetic words of the Virgin Mary.

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The Worship of the Divine Mercy and the feast celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, so desired by Jesus, who referred to it to Saint Faustina Kowalska (Gogwick, August 25, 1905 – Krakow, October 5, 1938) As a way to benefit from the great spiritual blessings, the channels of His mercy open up.

Jesus appeared to her many times throughout her life and commanded her to write a diary containing all the revelations that he would entrust to her, to announce it to everyone.God’s mercy is unfathomable, and spreading worship.

Message of divine mercy

Jesus explained to the saint how his mercy was infinite and endless, and that he had a great desire for the world to know it and experience its graces:

“Whenever you want to give me joy, Talk to the world of my great, immeasurable mercy».

“The greatest sinners put their hope in my mercy. First of all, they have the right to trust in the abyss of my mercy. My daughter, I write about my mercy for suffering souls. Souls that appeal to my mercy give me great joy. I thank these souls more than they ask for.

Even if one of them is the biggest sinner, I cannot punish her if she is appealing to my mercyBut I justify it in my unfathomable and impenetrable mercy. ”

Also Our Lady appeared several times to Sister FaustinaAnd he entrusted to her some personal messages, including a prophetic message about the end of times and the importance of man resorting to and worshiping divine mercy. Mariah will also reveal to her that she is there Mother of mercyBy following her step by step in her mission.

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Maria in Sister Faustina Kowalska’s Diary

Suddenly I saw the Blessed Virgin with the Child Jesus and the Holy Grandfather who was behind Madonna. The Holy Lady said to me: «This is the most valuable treasure»“.

Suddenly I saw Madonna and the baby Jesus. The baby Jesus was holding the hand of Madonna. In an instant the Baby Jesus ran joyfully to the middle of the altar and the Virgin said to me: “Look at how much reassurance you gave to Jesus in his hands, and you too You have to entrust your soul and be like a child in front of him». After these words, my soul was filled with a mysterious confidence. “

While later, during vespers, I continued to examine this kind of suffering and blessings, and suddenly I heard Madonna’s voice: “Know, my daughter, that although I was raised in the dignity of the Mother of God, my heart has seven sore swords. Do nothing in your defense; Carries everything humbly. God Himself will defend you»“.

“It is impossible to please God by not doing His holy will. “My daughter, I strongly advise you to faithfully fulfill everything that God desires, because this is what is precious in His eyes. I very much want you to distinguish yourself in this, that is, in this sincerity, inThe fulfillment of Allah’s will. God willing, he places them in front of all sacrifices and burnt offerings. ““.

Suddenly I saw the Most Blessed Virgin in an indescribably beautiful way, she approached me from the altar, kneeling. He embraced me and said these words to me:I am the mother of God’s infinite mercy. The spirit that is most dear to me is the one that faithfully fulfills the will of GodHe made me understand that I faithfully fulfilled all God’s desires and that is why I found grace in his eyes. “Be courageous; do not be afraid of deceptive obstacles,” But ponder the pain of my son That way you will win. ”“.

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Prophecy in the end times and divine mercy

Our Lady painted a very important scenario for Sister Faustina: whether or not a person commits May God have mercy on everyoneFoothold of the last salvation.

Suddenly I saw Our Lady who said to me: “Oh, how dear to God is the soul that faithfully follows the revelation of his grace! You have been given the Savior world and you must speak to the realm of its great mercy and prepare the world for its second coming.

He will not come as a merciful savior, but as a just judge. Oh, that day would be horrible! he is The Day of Justice was established (See Acts 17,31), the day before God’s wrath, the angels tremble. Talk to the spirits of this great mercyAs long as the time for pity.

If you are silent now, on that terrible day, you will have to respond to a multitude of souls. Do not be afraid of anything. Be loyal to the end. I accompany you with tenderness. ““.

(Taken from the diary of Sister Faustina Kowalska “May God have mercy on my soul”)

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