How was the relationship between the United States and China born of Maoism?

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Far from being a reckless thing, far from being a leap of faith, the idea of ​​having relationships with him Communist China Mao It was on my mind Richard Nixon for some time, even since the year before the 1968 election campaign. In fact, he had written about it in October 1967 in Foreign affairs.

Once in the saddle, the Republican president worked fully in that direction. It is certain that among the many measures, among the many initiatives that have been taken, the decision to vote against but not to vote is of significance beyond words. Veto power against a UN resolution Which accepted China's accession to the General Assembly and its inclusion instead of Taiwan in the Security Council.

1971 was the year that would witness, in this context, the cheerful visit of the American table tennis team to the Asian country (the so-called “Ping-pong diplomacy“) And above all, the secret mission carried out by Henry Kissinger to those gangs between July 9 and 11, a mission aimed at preparing for the subsequent historic visit, which the US President announced on July 15.

Therefore, in the period between February 21 and 28, 1972 The United States of America and Maoist China truly meet by overcoming ideal barriersIdeological, political and social issues are of great importance. The goal was to build a climate of trust, and we will work later in this direction.

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