Ukraine and Moscow wipe out a base in Crimea under a counterattack

Russian forces have left an important base in northern Crimea, in anticipation of a possible Ukrainian attack on the peninsula. This was revealed by CNN, in possession of satellite images that show the clearing of the base near the village of Medvedevka, near the border with the Kherson region. It is not immediately clear where Moscow has redeployed its forces and equipment, but authorities on the peninsula that the federation annexed in 2014 have indicated they fear a move by Kiev.

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“I think that the decision to build defensive structures in the Crimea and in neighboring locations is correct and justified – said the governor of the peninsula, Sergei Aksenov on April 11. In general, I can say that our Armed Forces have built a modern and deeply elaborated defense. This does not necessarily mean that they It will be used for its intended purpose. We had to prepare for any scenario, and we did.”

Based on these statements, defense experts are of the opinion that the withdrawal of Russian military equipment from the Medvedevka base could be related to defensive operations in view of the Ukrainian counterattack. EU Sentinel 2 satellite images on January 21 show a significant presence of Russian equipment, CNN confirms, while high-resolution images from the Maxar satellite on February 11 show the presence of dozens of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery pieces. Means you are no longer visible in new Sentinel 2 images dating back to March 27th.


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