Mexico earthquake, magnitude 7.4 earthquake in Colcumen: Tsunami alert.  There is a victim

shock Size 7.4 was warned in Mexicowith the epicenter coalwhich is a municipality in the state of Michoacan, in central Mexico. This was announced by the National Seismological Center (CSN). The earthquake that occurred at 13.05 local time (20.05 Italian time) in the capital was felt by people, Mexico CityWhere the palaces swayed. president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador This has been reported one person died to me manzanilloa city on the Pacific coast in the state of Colimadue to the fall of a fence in a mall.

center tsunami alert The Secretariat of the Mexican Navy (SIMAR) reported that “due to the 7.4 earthquake and the historical data of the tsunami waves generated in the country, Abnormal changes in sea level It reaches 82 cm above the tide level in the earthquake generation zone. Removing the residents from the beaches until the warning is canceled, and strong currents are expected at the entrances to the ports.”

exactly 37 years agoOn September 19, 1985, Mexico was hit by one of the most destructive earthquakes in its history: a Size 8.1 triggering More than 10,000 dead. The same thing happened in 2017. So much so that just an hour before the violent earthquake, residents of the capital were asked to participate in emergency simulationRecalling previous episodes. Mexico City Regional Services reported that immediately after the earthquake, an earthquake occurred review from network Public transport That resumed work regularly, since yes exclude damage to infrastructure.


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