Coronavirus in Italia e nel mondo: news di oggi 1 dicembre

WHO, ‘Stable cases in the world, 70% in Europe’

Globally, cases of Covid infection have stabilized in the past week, with nearly 3.8 million new cases confirmed between November 22 and 28, a number similar to the previous week. But Europe continues to grow, and in the past seven days 70% of the total weekly infections reported in the world were recorded in this region: more than 2.6 million, an increase of 7% from the previous week. The African figure stands out, not for the absolute numbers indicating 43,730 cases registered in the past week (equivalent to 1% of the global total), but for the difference compared to the previous week: the increase in new infections was 93%. These are some of the data that came out of the WHO’s weekly bulletin released today. Highlighting the African region, where the first report of a new variant of Sars-CoV-2 concern, Omicron, originated. But the increase in new cases recorded in the region, notes the UN health agency, “is largely due to South Africa reporting antigen testing kits last week, so trends are interpreted with caution.” Cases are on the rise in 3 of the six WHO regions. The Western Pacific region (+24%) is also seeing a growth in the number of infections this week, while the Americas and Southeast Asia regions have reported a 24% and 11% decrease, respectively, in infections in the past seven days.

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