Cloud-supported conversation encryption is coming

WhatsApp is finally ready to provide end-to-end data encryption, on your smartphone or in the cloud. Previously, the instant messaging app only offered such encryption for backups on the user’s phone.

Conversations recorded in the cloud were not affected at the time, according to reports 01 net. Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, said in Blog Note.

Well protected data

The option is optional. To make use of it, you have to go to the security settings of the app and activate end-to-end backup encryption. To secure this backup, you must choose a password of your choice or obtain a 64-digit encryption key that only you will know.

The advantage of this protection: your data will remain available only to you. No storage service owners WhatsApp, Apple, or Google will be able to access it and see your messages.

Facebook warns that rolling out this new feature will be slow. With over two billion users, it shouldn’t be surprising if you can’t access the new cybersecurity option right away.

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