Final Fantasy: Square Enix va dévoiler un nouveau trailer du jeu vidéo ?

Producer Naoki Yoshida has announced that Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy game will get a new trailer soon.

After the success of Final Fantasy XV and VII Remake, everyone is waiting for the sequel. Good news, Square Enix is ​​doing well on the project. In addition, producer Naoki Yoshida has just announced that a new trailer will be revealed.

possible delay

It’s also a story to keep fans of the franchise waiting. Because yes, like Cyberpunk or more recently the remake of The Witcher 3… FFXVI. Just like the FF XIV Endwalker. Which was originally scheduled for November 23 on PS5.

Finally, Final Fantasy will be available online December 7th. This is still very good news for all the players who have been waiting for a date in a hurry. Moreover, Producer Naoki Yoshida clarified this “report” as he told Netcost-Security.

The media reported that the delay was not “You deserve nothing more and nothing less than polishing the game”. Naoki Yoshida confirmed the news himself, explaining:“As we come to the end of Final Fantasy XIV development… and while I was playing all the content: missions, battles and everything else… I couldn’t help but want to improve the quality of the game…»

In fact, if a Final Fantasy producer wanted to delay this release, it’s for good reason. Simply make her new baby perfect. Actually explains:“Because this extension marks the first point in FF XIV”.

As for number 16, this one He must have been released a year ago. But the epidemic obligates, the exit from it has been postponed. If you didn’t know, the producers had to work from home in the game!

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“This unfortunately hampered the communications of the Tokyo office. Which in turn led to delays. Or, in extreme cases… canceling asset deliveries from our partners”. Explained by Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy: Will Square Enix reveal a new video game trailer?

New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer

But the more time passes … the closer we get to this version. No doubt fans of the first games will be disappointed. Since the exchange of roles will not return. While this is what made the essence of the franchise.

The new generation is bound. So this will be Live battles full of action. Which will benefit Final Fantasy players. And in order to get more information about the game, producer Naoki Yoshida has once again brought good news.

as such Meet our fellow Jeux ActuAnd New trailer that will tip his nose! Moreover, the trailer in question was supposed to have already been released. However, its distribution has been delayed. due to “various external factors”.

Finally, Naoki Yoshida stated that he and his team were working like crazy. In order to get the game out as quickly as possible. While it is perfect and without any errors of course. It remains to be seen if Square Enix will live up to its promise…

And they released a truly finished game that will keep fans excited. Those last ones are also waiting la suite de Final Fantasy 7 Remake. which was a huge success.


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