Old Ways: The movie about the witches of Catimaco, Veracruz, is one of the most watched movies on Netflix

Excellence Netflix This week, he surprised us with a new production that talks about Mexican culture, entitled “ancient waysOr in English the ‘old ways’ that are based on the history of witches Catemaco, Veracruz.

To our surprise, the a new movie Which can be seen on the streaming platform for only a few hours, has been placed in the first place among the most viewed on our site country.

output from gender The suspense and horror tell the story that takes place in the state forest VeracruzThe characters are associated with ancient traditions about the magic that the place believes in.

What is the new Netflix movie “Old Ways”?

in file summary Movie Mexican It turns out that in the plot we will meet a journalist who decides to go to Veracruz after hearing the story of a tribal culture, where she is kidnapped by locals claiming that she is possessed by a demon.


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