PES.  Konami announces

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Konami’s legendary football simulator, says goodbye after several years to the delight of football fans, as the video game company has just announced its successor: eFootballA completely free digital platform to be launched next fall.

This is the video game that will come out for the purpose of Notice5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, Steam, iOS and Android devices, you will use Technique Unreal Engine, which will “provide plenty of improvements on and off the field” and provide “a similar experience for players on all platforms”.

From solid foundations Unreal EngineWe’ve been able to extensively review players’ expressions and made a number of tweaks to create a truly new soccer game engine eFootball for years,” he says Setaru Kimura Video game producer.

In addition, thanks to the added power of next-generation consoles and close collaboration with elite soccer players, eFootball It offers the most faithful and realistic game to date.

Due to the great development of the game engine, the animation system has also been revised. The new technology is called Motion matching Transforms the wide range of movements that players perform on the field into a series of animations, Choose the most accurate in real time.

The system provides four times more animation than before, achieving very realistic movement. Motion matching It will be used on all platforms eFootballIncluding the latest generation of consoles, computers and mobile phones (mobile phones).

In order to ensure that eFootball To be an experience that everyone can enjoy, Konami’s new soccer game has arrived free to play For console, PC and mobile, as well as offering a similar experience for all players.

“And for the first time, he joins the global community of footballers, thus, eFootball It will deliver the same ultra-realistic esports experience on all platforms: console, PC and mobile, including full support for via play After launch,” the note adds.

Being an exclusive digital address, Konami will be adding new content and game modes regularly, arriving after its launch this fall.

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Local mode matches with Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Bayern and Manchester United, among others, will also be available for free from launch, and other game modes such as DLC (downloadable content) will be available later”, giving players the freedom to build their individual experience according to their interests.



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