Tunisia and the silent coup of President Kais Saied: full powers, irrevocable decrees and amendments to the constitution

The Tunisian president who took over the country since July 25, the day he announced Suspension of Parliament’s Activities and sacked a large part of the government, he will remain at the head of the North African country. It will do it on its own. Even today road map from Kais Saied It was not clear why it was never spelled out, despite numerous requests for clarification, now written in black and white on three pages of presidential decree It was announced last night. A short, concise text that defines the future Tunisia It seems that it opens, in fact, a Back to the past. The institutions will no longer function as they were even two months ago, and the modus operandi adopted as of July 26, which was considered by many to be simple. “Transitional phase”, will become the norm.

Ignoring the recommendations of the international community and not compromising with civil society, Saeed consoled himself the little potter. starting from that executiveIt is up to the government: Said himself will issue the decrees, as stated in the text, “with the help” of the government and the ministers appointed by him. Its provisions will be irrevocable. Among the articles of concern to those who fear authoritarian drift, there is the article that exists constitutionwhich generally provides for the continuation of the principle of the Constitution, Articles 1 and 2, and all constitutional provisions that are not inconsistent with this Presidential Decree.

The 2014 constitution, one of the shaky pillars of Tunisian democracy, will soon undergo new amendments through an ad hoc committee organized by Kais Saied himself. Concluding the text of the decree, Article 22 welcomes the implementation of ‘New democracy’ On the basis of a “real separation of powers”, which does not exist however, in the name of “the values ​​of the December 17, 2010 revolution”. The President reserves the right to bring his decisions to the people through Referendum to practice”direct democracy “Without intermediaries” as he mentioned in his speeches several times.

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In anticipation of the procedures published in the Official Gazette, his speech was broadcast live nationwide and was delivered by surprise only a few days ago in order to Sidi BouzidThe city from which the protests that led to the fall of I’m on They started after sacrificing Mohamed Bouazizi. For forty minutes, interrupted by the shouts of the crowd calling for “the dissolution of parliament,” Saeed reiterated several times that his goal remains to “fight corruption” through the constitution, promising to appoint a new head of government “the basis for transitional measures that satisfy the will of the people.” A new prime minister would, however, be deprived of executive power and would not submit to Parliament, a still-frozen body, but directly before the President. old system.

since July, Cleansing Even at the local level, with new appointments close to him even among governors and mayors, and trials (often before military courts) against some opposition MPs increased. If the measures adopted by presidential decree begin to destabilize civil society and some parties that were confident of a deadline for the exceptional measures adopted on July 25, a large part of thePublic opinion is still in favor of Saeed’s decisions. According to the latest survey conducted by the Sigma Council and published by the newspaper MoroccoIf we were to vote again today, Saeed would still get 90% of the vote. A large part of the population has been asking for it for some time The end of the party system Who represent in the eyes of the public, together with the main businessmen of the country, the corrupt minority who do business on the shoulders of the majority by exploiting their position in power. If a return to the past remains unexpected for many, the future is unknown.

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first appearance anti-coup It was organized last Saturday by gunmen close to the party in Bourguiba Avenue Renaissance A follower of the constitutional and former Kasbah advisor, Jaouhar Ben Mbarek, a political figure leading part of the protests. Joining Ennahda supporters the Tunisian left, which is divided into small formations, has been slow to take a unilateral stance. Deputy Secretary of the Tunisian National Federation Oght, Anouar Ben KassourHe said that he was “surprised” by the provisions announced yesterday by the Tunisian President. A new “anti-coup” demonstration has been called for this weekend.


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