Arina Sabalenga advances to US Open semifinals by defeating Barbora Krezhikova

The second quarter of the women’s schedule, scheduled for Tuesday, did not exclude the same intensity of the confrontation between Leila Fernandez and Elena Svitolina, which turned in favor of the Canadian. But Arna Sabalenga should not complain about this clear scene. Having lost a set way in the first round, the Belarusian have no fear at this US Open. Arthur-Ashe’s Tuesday evening, he discovered, was not knocked out in straight sets by world No. 2 Barbora Krezhikova (6-1, 6-4).

The Czech approached his previous encounter, Corbin Muguruza, exhausted at the end of the match and approaching the aisle. No doubt she did not recover after two days, and she quickly left the first set after making a late break for the first time. Sabalenga doesn’t even need to shine to take control of the crowd (5 double faults and 51% for her in this first act).


Similar to the number of Grand Slam titles still competing at the US Open. So there will be a new Major winner on Saturday after the women’s final.


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