For the pro-Russian authorities in Donetsk, participation in the referendums for the annexation of Russia in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine will be wide and enthusiastic. This is ensured by the Head of the Electoral Commission of the unilaterally proclaimed Republic, Vladimir Vysotskyquoted taxAccordingly, in the first two days of voting, the turnout was 55%, with more than 850 thousand people passing the polls. Forty-eight hours after the polls closed, Vysotsky added that “no violations were recorded despite the continued bombing.”

Threats from door to door

While the international community described the referendums as blatant “fun”with voters brought to vote at gunpoint, as evidenced by video Spread on social media by Ukrainian media, head of the Donetsk Chamber, Alexander KaufmanHe stressed that the operations are taking place in full compliance with international law. And to find an explanation in front of the pictures that show threats and tensions in the homes of those who were called to vote, Vysotsky still said: “For security reasons, until Monday in these areas the votes will be held in the neighborhoods of the houses and by sending the door of the election officials to the door and not at the polling stations.”


TASS reported that in the area CHERSON 31.79% of those eligible to vote, 35.54% in the . region Zaporizhia and 45.86% in the Republic Lugansk. With the passage of half of those entitled to vote, for the pro-Russian authorities, referendums already underway can be considered valid: “Our law states that a referendum decision is considered approved if more than 50% of the citizens included in the lists voted for the referendum participants – explained Vysotsky – i.e. That the decision was taken not by a majority of those who voted, but by a majority of the total number of citizens included in the lists of participants in a referendum. ”

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