Saint-Pierre. Yesterday morning, a delegation from the CGTR branch of commerce and services gathered in front of the Decathlon store in Saint-Pierre in Canabady. An action that would mobilize about thirty people, including 20 employees of the sports brand selected by several representatives of the unions. Since November 2020, employees will be a target for “Reprisals” From management after criticism of the company’s accounts report. “It clearly didn’t satisfy them and since the employees know a strong suppression.”, says George Caro, general secretary of the CGTR branch of commerce and services. The actor takes the example of a union rep who has been systematically searched every time they leave a post by store security guards. after spending time Dialogue with managementCGTR has therefore taken this action to ensure that the rights of its union members are heard. Also the opportunity to denounce certain management practices, excessively inconsistent salary as well as the issue of job insecurity. “At the Saint-Pierre site, 60% of the employees are on fixed-term contracts, which is huge”, emphasizes George Caro, who advocates rebalancing. The Federation is also planning a similar process when the new Decathlon opens in Saint-Denis in November. A structure, according to union officials, in which 100% of the staff will be assigned as a due diligence member. practice rule”DoubtfulFor George Caro, who says he contacted the Department for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment.

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