The eighth season of the popular thriller series “The Blacklist” is now running on Netflix, and fans should immediately notice the re-enactment of the character of the late Brian Denney. But why didn’t the producers just write the character of Tom?

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When the famous character actor Brian Denny (“Rambo”) died in the spring of 2020, the makers of the thriller series “The Blacklist” faced a big problem with how to deal with it in their plot. To many fans, the solution was clear: Dominic “Dom” Wilkinson, played by Denny, is almost dead and in a coma at the end of the seventh season, so it’s easy to conclude that the series’ character simply dies. But in the eighth season they went the other way.

Ron Rains replaces Brian Tenne as Dom

Tom is awake again – now starring in the unknown series in Germany starring Ron Raines. It is a well-known name in the United States because for many years it was part of the cast of the soap opera “Guiding Light” or “Springfield Story”, which is in the Guinness Book of World Records because it lasted 72 (!) Years (first on radio, then on TV) – different in history Longer than any soap opera.

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Twice Dome (Left: Ron Raines / Right: Brian Denny).

This choice may have fallen on Raines because he could look like Brian Denny and thus have to watch one or the other twice in a row.

There’s a good reason to choose an alternative and not write – as everyone thinks – from the series:

Dome many and very big projects

Like serial producers John Bokkencomb and John Eisenhower TVline It was revealed that filling the role was a very difficult decision. But still The story called for re-casting. Tom is in the middle of secrets because he is the only person who knows the truth about Red Secrets, which everyone wants to find out. According to Aishwarya So replenishing this role is “necessary” and he hopes fans will understand.

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So you don’t want to thwart the plans you had with Denney for the eighth season. Finally, it would have been very difficult to introduce another person who knew the secrets of Red’s true identity, but this has not been discussed before. After all, over the years and many episodes, Tom has been brought to this position by the Reds ’only credibility.

So Tom plays a very important role in the opening episodes for the eighth season.

8th season “Blacklist” on Netflix – with missing sync

Will Liz (Megan Boone) and her mother Katrina Rostova (Laila Robbins) get information from Dom and learn more about Raymond Redington (James Spader)? You will find out now with the eighth season of “The Blacklist” available on Netflix.

However, you have to do without synchronization for the last episode of the eighth season. It is not yet known why this is missing. We have already asked Netflix about this.

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