Malika Maynard and Kristoff, It's Over, Revealed She's Single on Instagram

Single and happy to be. Less than a year after appearing on television in a glamorous company, Malika Menard announced in an Instagram story on Friday, August 27, that it was over with her lover.

Last December, Malika Maynard took advantage of her tenure Everything in the kitchen On the M6 ​​for a show with Christophe Jovel, restaurateur, owner of the Lulu establishment. Less than a year after the couple appeared on TV, that’s how it is True/false Instagram story On Friday, August 27, the former Miss France made things clear about her current love status. “Are you single”, we suggested. The former beauty queen responded in the affirmative. “Right. For the first time in my life, I’m living it well.”, I wrote. An opportunity for the 34-year-old to do real introspection. I recognized myself again, refocused, and rediscovered myself… And this long list of words in ‘re’ that benefit the soul”And she continued in the text attached to a picture in which she appears radiant and calm clearly.

34 years old, single, no children

Miss France 2010, who is to choose Boyar Castle This Saturday, August 28 in France 2, he wants to take the time before falling in love again. It never occurred to me that I fell in love at first sight. I need to hear the person talking, to see them move… On the other hand, I think we know from the first date if we’re going to have a beautiful love storyShe said in another story. On July 12, two days before her 34th birthday, Malika Menard, on Instagram, posted an unmistakable update for those who dared criticize her career on social networks. “Here I am, I’m 33. Not married. I don’t have children. I’m not an owner and I didn’t sign a permanent contract either…and everything is fine”, had been published.

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One man distinguished her more than others

I am the result of my choices, of my meetings… of my destiny. And when I take stock and look at the way we came in the first half of my life, I feel rich in my memories, my exchanges, my travels.”, continued the person who quickly found love after the announcement His breakup with singer Ycare last October. The end of a beautiful story the two lovebirds formalized in 2018. On Friday, August 27, Malika Menard admits that she “I fell in love many times”, but it states that“there is a story” Who is the ‘Tag her the most’. “Feelings of strength I didn’t know then”, she writes on Instagram, without specifying which man he is.

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