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The movie KAAMELOTT. Is enough ! Camelot, Part 1 has finally revealed its first trailer in proper form. Discover it without further delay.

[Mis à jour le 21 juin 2021 à 17h36] Just a month before its release date, Kaamelott’s first sequel has been properly revealed with its first true trailer, more than a year after the first teaser video. opportunity to Alexander Astaire To reveal more (but not too much) about the feature film should launch a trilogy of epilogue to the saga that began on the M6 ​​as palaces before gaining height and into an epic breath. Camelot Part One is a long-running project undertaken by Alexander Astaire, however, it took 11 years to see the light of day due to difficulties in raising the budget for its creation. The movie will finally be released on July 21, 2021, to the delight of fans of the saga. Find below Kaamelott’s trailer, part one.

This new trailer is also accompanied by a brand new synopsis that reveals more about the script, still top-secret, of the much-anticipated Kaamelott movie of course. We learn in particular that Lancelot du Lac reigns as a tyrant over the kingdom of Lugris with the help of his mercenaries. This dictatorship enrages the gods who remember Arthur Pendragon but also encourage resistance against Lancelot and his forces. It remains for Arthur to try to rally the rebels around the same banner in order to overthrow Lancelot and retake Castle Camelot to pacify Brittany.

20 custom stickers for Camelot characters ملصق

In mid-June, about two dozen posters of Camelot were revealed on Alexander Astaire’s official Twitter account. All of them were dedicated to a character who would have her place in the feature film Kaamelott, Part 1. We also discovered the faces of these characters, whether they are known or unknown to fans, as well as a quote attributed to them in the movie. An opportunity for fans of the Kaamelott series to find the usual phrasing of Léodagan, Perceval or Karadoc but also to discover if some of them have changed in the ten years between Kaamelott’s sixth season and the movie. We’ve put these images together in the slideshow below.

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Everything you need to know about the movie Kaamelott

Directed by Alexander Astaire, Part One of Kaamelott is the sequel to the comic-drama-historical series that became a cult on M6 but also the beginning of the definitive trilogy dedicated to the Kaamelott universe. A short program born in 2005 on M6, Kaamelott has become a cult series in France. From a few funny minutes, the series broke free from the first seasons format codes to become a true drama series broadcast in episodes of 40 to 50 minutes for seasons 5 and 6. At the end of broadcasting on M6 from Season 6, Alexander Astaire promised fans that the continuation of Camelot’s adventure would not take place on The small screen, but in the cinema, what is scheduled to be a trilogy This trilogy, which is difficult to fund, took nearly eleven years to complete.

The first teaser for Kaamelott was posted online on January 22, 2020, to the delight of fans of the series who have been waiting for the feature film for nearly eleven years. In this short teaser, we can also see a good portion of the actors who made the saga of Camelot famous: Percival, Caradok, and Lloydgan in the lead. Note, however, that Alexander Astaire does not appear as King Arthur quite like Thomas Couso in Lancelot.

Camelot fans have been waiting for the release of the film that Alexander Astaire promised 11 years ago, the goal of which is to conclude his brilliant work with a trilogy in cinema. If the movie premiered in French theaters in 2020, it has been postponed several times due to the pandemic. With the improvement of the health situation, the feature film will finally be released July 21, 2021 in French theatres.

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After revealing about two dozen posters each dedicated to a character from the saga found in Kaamelott, Part 1, many fans have questioned the presence of Audrey Fleurot’s pseudonym Lady of the Lake in the long-running show. Soon, the actress dispelled these doubts during the Monte Carlo Festival. Audrey Floro explained that she was “so happy to be a part of it” but notes that she was only involved in the filming for “two days”. So his look must have been a flash in the first part of Camelot however the actress tells us that, on set, she “found the show’s vibe. Like in the great days, we gave the script the make-up…but with so much more resources! It was funny! The manufacturing process is Same as when the series was filmed.

In the trailer, we can spot Kaamelott’s epic characters, such as Perceval, Karadoc or Léodagan, confirming their return to the movie. Other characters used in the series are back, such as Dame Séli, Merlin, and Venec. Among the many actors present in the teaser video, we can also see Christian Clavier resuming his role as juror and also Alain Chabat as Duke of Aquitaine. Antoine de Caunes is also part of the role of Dagonet. eIn addition to the usual faces of the series, we will also be able to discover new faces for the first time such as the faces of Clovis Cornelac and Guillaume Gallian as well as singer Sting! This promises to develop a gallery of characters from the Kaamelott saga who will add their name to the series’ legends.

Camelot, the movie – cinema release on July 21, 2021


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