'Very nervous': Bachelorette shows men their bald heads

The Bachelorette revealed in episode five that her hair is actually a wig

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Since the first episode, viewers have known the secret of The Bachelorette: because she suffers from circular hair loss, she is bald. Guys didn’t suspect anything yet – until Sharon finally revealed in Episode 5 what she’s wearing “underneath”.

Sharon Batiste, 30, has been suffering from circular hair loss – also known as alopecia areata – for 15 years. Earlier this year, she took a bold step: She had a girlfriend shave her hair off. In doing so, she seized the power of disease – because she herself decided when she would eventually lose her hair.

Sharon is afraid of men’s reaction, but looks forward to it too

Already in the first episode it was hinted that the bachelorette does not actually have dark and shiny hair, but is bald. Gradually she opened up to viewers more and more and talked about hair loss and the psychological stresses associated with it. But the men did not suspect a thing!

Bachelorette Sharon is bald and wears one of her wigs

© RTL / René Lohse & Instagram / Sharon Battiste

Showing you what you could look like was very important to The Bachelorette. And so Sharon Batiste finally dared in Episode 5 and showed the candidates without a wig. Sharon admits, “It’s like I’m taking off my protective coat and opening my soul, which feels good, but now I’m naked and probably weak.”.

The bachelors candidates are excited about Sharon – even with a bald head

Bachelorette candidates are waiting for Sharon on Rose Night. Without her wig, she ran towards the men, who were all startled by astonishment. “What!?” can be heard. And an “ooh” from some, while others seem speechless.

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When The Bachelorette greets the men, they seem to have finally woken up from their stalemate. Even Stas says, “She looks hotter now.” Dominic also exclaims: “She was beautiful before and she is still beautiful now!” So Sharon didn’t have to worry at all – the candidates still amaze her!

The bachelorette previously shared a video online showing off her haircut. She cries while three friends comfort her and hold her hand. Fourth shaves her bald. Sources used: RTL + / The Bachelorette Episode 5


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