Raquel Bejora's response to Nyorca's insults
Raquel Bigorra has had problems with other celebrities revealing the details of their relationships (Images: Cuartoscuro)

In an interview with first hand, New York Her opinion was questioned about Rachel Bigora The driver vid broke out and confirmed that she was an ungrateful person and commented that she was a traitor and even a liar. in his reply, The driver responded to the insults expressed by her compatriot.

On the same program, Bejora was interviewed through a phone call and confirmed that she does not feel sad. “I don’t feel offended, that’s part of his way of thinking, every time I see him say things, it’s not just about me”After the show’s hosts revealed the adjectives Marcus used to describe Raquel, she maintained her position. “Didn’t you say dirty mice? I can’t take it too seriously because it’s Niurka, he’s part of her. We know each other, and I’ve never had a problem with her, but it happened to me when I got pregnant, so I made some comments.”

Nyurka also has a long-running lawsuit with Laura Zapata (Image: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)
Nyurka also has a long-running lawsuit with Laura Zapata (Image: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

conductor Dancing for my dream wedding She remembered one of the reasons Nyurka was angry with her. “When I got pregnant, I made some comments”. Although Lalo Carrillo also stated that it may be due to the writer’s criticism of the dancer. “On that occasion I wrote in my column that she was on a show and that she actually quit itBut I didn’t tell the details. I prefer to keep half things to myself and never tell how he left the show, I didn’t lie. I told the tale that he no longer appears.”

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From this pair of misunderstanding Raquel has no further issues with Nyorca and comments that she prefers to be ignored. “I don’t care what he says, I don’t get attached to him or anything that is part of his way of life […] It doesn’t affect me, if he says I’m a liar, he’s treacherous.

Raquel Bejora had her own program called "Raquel show"(Photo: Instagram / @rbigorra)
Raquel Bigorra has her own show called “El show de Raquel” (Image: Instagram / @rbigorra)

In the same interview He spoke in more detail about his ordeal during the flight, Because through the driver’s stories, he can be seen in Videos What passengers use Life jacket The pilot’s warning was heard, because the transport was in it mechanical failure during flight; This error occurred ten minutes before landing.

Raquel shared what she felt in that moment “We cried and prayed and said goodbye to our relatives and it was a bit painful, no one was shocked and we were attentive to what they were telling us.”

Raquel Bigorra and Charlie de la Sonora Dynamite (Image: Instagram / @rbigorra)
Raquel Bigorra and Charlie de la Sonora Dynamite (Image: Instagram / @rbigorra)

She also talked about why she called her husband. “They told us we could influence, we imagined the worst; charlie owner Sonora Dynamite He came to my side and said: I will write to my wife to tell him what chair I’m on and what clothes I’m carrying, for if they don’t find the bodies, at least until they show signs of me´ I said if it is true that we have come this far, I did the same and wrote to my husbandI wasn’t going to pick it up at the time but when we landed,” the singer explained.

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After the big landing, Raquel felt like a new person. “In addition to applause for the pilot, photo and gratitude, we arrived at the hotel and the show, we all said We are born again, life has shaken us, and given us a new chance, so let’s shoot. We started the tour and it was very special after what we lived through.”

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