"The Flash": Revelan primeras fotos de Michael Keaton como Bruce Wayne

One of the most awaited films by fans DC Comics It is undoubtedly “SparkleBecause it is the movie in which parallel universes will meet and in a certain way there must be a rearrangement of the universe, and the first images of what is happening in the filming have already been leaked on social networks.

Little by little the tape that guides Andy Muschietti He gives some glimpses of what and who will appear in the new adventure of the Crimson Runner he embodies Ezra Miller He was the first to search for him Michael Keatonwho jumped from marvel universewhere incarnation Eagle On “Spider-Man: Homecoming” To go home across the street and retrieve the Bat cloak.

It should be remembered that the ‘Beetlejuice’ actor wore a Batman suit over 30 years ago when the movie directed it. Tim Burton From that moment on he was one of the actors who gained the most acceptance by portraying the millionaire and champion of Gotham’s justice.

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In 2016, the movie The Fastest Man in the Universe began to fall apart when the first changes took place, including the name, as in 2014 it was said that it would be called “bright spot”, the same comic that adapted the DC universe and that had to be adapted due to creative differences between the screenwriters.

In the same year the departure Zack Snyder, who was going to direct the film and left the stick to Joss WhedonWho was responsible for the finishes Justice League, That he left Snyder, and eventually ended up severing any relationship with Warner.

However, the template has not yet been submitted for Flash and in 2019 it was announced that Muschietti (“It”) had arrived, making the strings move “fast,” although pandemic for him COVID-19.

In April 2021, the official debut of the film was made super girl, character created by Sasha Street who already had her first “photographer”, but she did, wearing the suit, which looks different from the usual one, seen from the top, before reaching the chest, in red and down the half-armor in classic blue.

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Some pictures from amazing woman, who supposedly had some cameos in “The Flash”. At the moment, the first photos are already running on the Internet and the scenes that were taken are already European, as they were filmed in St Paul’s Cathedral in London, but there will also be transfers to Edinburgh so that it becomes Gotham City.


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