Contracts: Local Jobs – ARAN Meeting Report – OOSS CCNL 14-06-2024

June 14, 2024

A second meeting has been called with ARAN today 06.14.2024 to discuss the local CCNL positions 2022-2024.

Yesterday morning, we sent a text message saying:

  • It expands the objectives of the contract but does not envisage, except within the framework of the Joint Innovation Authority, the expansion of the issues subject to discussion and negotiation, preventing the direct participation of unions in matters such as safety and improving working conditions and working methods that allow better harmony with private and family life.

  • It stipulates that one negotiation session be held for all issues under negotiation. We have expressed our opposition to this proposal in both style and substance because it will decentralize the contract rigid compared to Organizational innovations And in Innovative and experimental methods For use by individual institutes.

  • The right to receive additional wages for work accidents, occupational diseases and diseases resulting from service. Regarding this issue, we expressed the view that the principle of non-economic disincentives to all constitutionally guaranteed rights should be envisaged and continued to be funded.

The project also intervenes in the working relationship by better identifying some existing institutions such as:

  • The right to participate in meetings electronically as well

  • The right to a free meal for those who care for and supervise minors and those responsible for preparing meals.

At the meeting, without claiming to have exhausted the issues discussed today, we reiterated the points of the contractual program and the expansion of union relations. Among the points we touched on:

  • Expanding the scope of application of the National Collective Labor Agreement for local jobs to include private companies, unions, institutions and others.

  • Certain times for preventive information

  • Expansion of topics under discussion and negotiation (requirements plan, criteria for senior positions, regular vertical advancement, creation of additional salary funds, etc.)

  • Some clarifications in terms to make associative relations usable while avoiding restrictive interpretations

  • Evaluate solutions to make decentralized contract negotiation requirements more stringent

  • The possibility of reconsidering the right of assembly in order to prefer its regional form.

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The schedule has been updated with no date yet set. The new date will be determined and agreed upon later during the first week of July.

National Secretary

Tatiana Kazanega


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