Ford Maverick purchase details from Plan Ovalo

stronghold Already offered in Argentina the possibility of obtaining Maverick XLT via savings plan Previous. The purchase method has been activated in recent months, and from now on a clearer and simpler scheme is drawn up when a zero kilometer car is reached.

In the case of the Ford Maverick XLT, oval plan Offers a plan of type 80/20: that is, the user must pay 20% of the value of the car when the unit is removed. The payment term of the remaining 80% is divided into 84 installments, which, although variable according to the value of zero kilometers, have a single billing criteria.

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Ford Maverick Mendoza 2

For example, if someone purchases the plan during this month, the value of the first installment will be $37,100, which will be reduced to $35,500 in installments 2 through 6, thanks to the fact that the brand is offering a 35% discount during this month. The first six months.

Starting with the seventh instalment, the value will increase to $49,000, but will drop to around 44,000 pesos in the final installments of the plan. In addition, the Oval brand gives an exceptional discount of $100,000, along with a 50% insurance discount for 6 months.

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Ford Maverick and Brazil

In the face of this possibility stronghold Offers other solutions: including the possibility of awarding from the first payment, automatic participation in case of withdrawal, or even monitoring the plan 100% online.

What does the Ford Maverick XLT look like?

The most economical version of the Ford Maverick is equipped with Ecoboost 2.0 liter Power of 253 hp and 380 Nm of torque. 8-speed automatic transmission, with 4×2 traction.

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In terms of equipment, it has a series of infotainment systems with 8 inch touch screen With Android Auto and Apple Carplay, while the dashboard has an additional 6.5-inch screen. Also comes with 7 airbags and other safety features are standard.

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official dealer

The new Ford Maverick and all vehicles in the oval can be found at JC Lorenzo.

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