allerta meteo estofex 26 luglio

After strong thunderstorms in Piedmont and Lombardy, until today bad weather Will continue to whip Northern Italy.
Estofex (European Storm Forecast Experience) has also issued warnings for our northern regions.
in detail:

One’Level 3 Alert It was emitted relative to the northern edge of the Austrian Alps, mainly due to cold, gusty winds and heavy rain. The same level of alert for parts of Northern Italy, pigeon Estofex Do not rule out the possibility of a hurricane.
A weather alert has been issued Level 2 For the area around the Greater Alps, this is mainly due to the same phenomena but with less potential for extremes.

A level 2 warning has been issued for northeastern Germany to Denmark due to heavy rain.
Level 1 released for parts of central Europe for heavy rain, including eastern Poland
A level 1 alert has been issued for eastern Spain for both heavy rain and strong winds. Level 1 has also been released for northern Turkey and parts of northwestern Russia.

It lies low over Western Europe, with an independent center in northwestern France and the North Sea. Central and Eastern Europe lies on the front side in a varied upper level stream. Throughout this area there are masses of warm and humid air.
Relativamente all’area alpina, Northern Italy Including, Estofex predicts a high degree of storm organization in multicellular and giant cell, given the high shear values.
While there may initially be hail and strong winds, gathering will increase the likelihood of heavy rain. The risk of strong winds is high.
Extreme events are predictable, isolated or sporadic.
In the northern Italian lowlands, models also indicate the possibility of one or two hurricanes.

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