investigating in Nicolas Sarkozy come to Brigitte Macron. Or rather, a close friend of hers, Michelle Mimi Marchand, the queen of French gossip and historically close to all the highest institutional positions in the country. Emuel Macron e the first lady included. As it relates to Prophet, the investigation of corruption into former President Sarko and the alleged Libyan funding received during the 2007 campaign (a few years later the French president himself would have unleashed a military offensive to oust Muammar Gaddafi) now includes Merchand.

“Eight years after the investigation was opened – the Romanian newspaper explains – the 74-year-old owner of the paparazzi agency was officially investigated yesterday. Best picture, considered the queen of French gossip, gray grace in the Elysee Palace in relation to the portrait of the presidential couple Brigitte Emmanuel.”

And the accusation is heavy: “Allegation of a witness and fraud in an organized gang.” According to the French judges, Mercand was going to organize the interview published by Beirut A Paris Match it’s at BfmTv last november of the lebanese Ziad Taqi Al-DinA key witness in the investigation into Libyan funds. Taqi al-Din got it all back, effectively exonerating Sarkozy and claiming he hadn’t given him the money. But then he spoke to French judges about statements “distorted by Paris Match”. In short, Mimi was going to try to save his friend Sarkozy.

On the other hand, his past is completely unscrupulous: “The hero of the Paris nights of the eighties – he always remembers Prophet -, nightclub owner, then made a fortune in weekly gossip Here To become close to politicians, actors and businessmen.” Secrets of the Elysee, from Sarco E Carla Bruni a Francois Holland هو e Segolene Royal, to finish Macron’s husbands, they are all in his hands.

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