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How to travel by train for free – Source –

If you follow this procedure, you can travel around Europe without spending anything: here's what you need to order and how to do it.

There is nothing more beautiful than traveling. Going to discover the artistic cities or the wonderful landscapes that our earth can offer is also like self-discovery. Unique emotion We'd all love to try it so much, but unfortunately it's not always easy to grab your bag and leave. Unfortunately, most of the time we are forced to do the math in our pockets before making this decision. At least for now.

In fact, there are actually many methods available that you can take advantage of to be able to travel by train completely free. First of all, you must specify that Initiatives What we are talking about does not target everyone, but especially young people: a choice that the European institutions have made for Let new generations discover the world Without having to incur crazy expenses.

Whether you choose to travel alone, with your partner or friends, or even in groups of people you don't know, it is the best choice to experience unforgettable adventures to say the least.

Travel Europe for free and here's how

he is called “Discover the European Union“The initiative targets all young people – Born from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006It will allow new generations to discover the ancient continent among its cities, art, culture and stunning landscapes. It was the European Commission that thought about this, proposed it and planned it.

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The goal is to get kids into it Travel across the continent. This will allow them to discover new cultures, new languages, new places and much more. All without affecting transportation costs.

Travel by train without paying euros - Source: Photo deposit website -
Travel by train without paying a single euro – Source –

How to request a free travel allowance to Europe

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity should hurry, because all you have to do is access the initiative April 30. There are 35,000 permits available from the European Commission.

In addition to age requirements, this is required Be legally resident in an EU member stateOr in one of the third countries that are part of the programme Erasmus+. The form can be filled out electronically through European Youth Portalwhich will create a rating and connect with qualified people.


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