Soldiers angry against Vladimir Putin, expert talks about a coup in Russia - Il Tempo

Rumors of a coup in Russia. According to Mark Galeotti, professor emeritus at University College London, the climate around the Kremlin head will not be at all positive. Putin’s first enemies will be his soldiers. “Many soldiers are angry, they have been sent to the front without training or supplies, and there are rumors of a rebellion in Kyiv – says Professor Galeotti in an interview with Republica – it is the most difficult moment ever for Vladimir Putin. And he cannot .

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And if we talk about a coup in Russia, then we should also think about who can replace Putin. “In Russia, as happened against Khrushchev and Gorbachev – continues Galeotti – we need coordination of the political elite, the army and the KGB-FSB, which I do not see at the moment. The security system is so intertwined that one agency cannot topple the president .. in theory. There is Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, but he has neither charisma nor caliber. The return of former Prime Minister Medvedev? Difficult. Even a while ago I thought Shoigu, but not anymore. ” In short, the race for a potential successor is more open than ever.

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