Nintendo has unveiled three new Luigi’s Mansion collections that feature Luigi without his brother Mario. These sets complete the LEGO Super Mario collection and will be available worldwide from January 1, 2022.

LEGO launched the Super Mario collection with an interactive Mario minifigure in collaboration with Nintendo last year. A few months ago, Luigi finally got his first set, The Adventures of Luigi’s Starter Pack. Now Mario’s brother will appear in the new LEGO sets. In fact, Nintendo just revealed Three sets Luigi’s Palace On the occasion of Halloween.

The Three Luigi’s Palace Sets – Credit: LEGO

New LEGO sets are inspired by the Luigi’s Mansion video game series. It features Luigi as the main character. Players take on the role of Mario’s brother who goes to Ghost hunting in haunted mansions. All three Luigi’s Mansion sets are extensions of the adventures of the Luigi Starter Pack. It will be available worldwide from January 1, 2022 on the LEGO website.

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The 3 LEGO Luigi Palace sets will be available on January 1, 2022

Luigi’s Mansion 1 collection features Professor Karl Tastrov, his lab and Ectoblast 3000 is a famous ghost absorber. It will sell for $30. Then the second $40 set features the entrance to the mansion with the gorgeous Ectochian, a terrible ghost to confront and a Boo. Players must find the golden Ektuchian bone to give it to him.

The 3rd and final $80 Luigi’s Palace Collection will immerse players in Haunted game of hide and seek. They will have to find gems and fight various ghosts by crossing revolving corridors. This set is connected to the other two sets to create a larger playing area.

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Finally, it is important to specify that Luigi’s Mansion sets are not sold by De Luigi interactive statue. These are expansion sets, which means that players must already have the Adventures of Luigi Starter Pack sold at €59.99 employment the site. This actually contains a small form of Luigi with a speaker and LCD screens to interact with the players.

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