Mick Schumacher angry after Cad crash with Mazepin in France

Mick Schumacher seems to be sick of his Haas teammate Nikita Mazepin, too.

Although the son of record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher expresses himself very warily compared to his other F1 teammates, the Russian youngster’s criticism was clearly audible after the Formula 1 race in France. (Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship)

“It shouldn’t be the procedure. I have to talk to the team about it again. If it’s supposed to be the case, then it should be. We’re doing our job and I think he’s doing what he’s doing,” said Schumacher. sky About a maneuver overtaking a teammate.

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Schumacher on Mazepin: ‘Is this his style?’

Mazepin had previously driven into the corner with a lot of excessive and, according to his statement, pushed Schumacher so far that he “had to go back to the dirty part of the road”. As a result, the tires were affected, which became a problem for him in the following laps.

Had Schumacher not opened, the two pilots would have collided and the Haas team could have called off work early. The 22-year-old crossed the penultimate finish line just before Mazepin. (All Formula 1 races in LIVETICKER)

When asked, Schumacher told his teammate: “He’s been quite open in conversations with the press. Maybe that’s his style. At this level we might not get along very well, but then we all have to extend our elbows.”

Mazepin had said in a press conference on Thursday that he had not seen any incident and that his teammate Schumacher would have to realize the fact that he would not make it easy for him: “I will never fail to repel.”

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Ralf Schumacher: “Everything is useless”

Uncle Ralf Schumacher also showed a little understanding of Mazepin’s difficult maneuvers: “I must say, the only excuse I have is that Nikita is simply tired. He drives very fast and leaves nowhere.”

Schumacher continues: “At some point, the team boss has to talk to him, even if it’s the father (Dmitri Mazbin, co-owner of Haas, editor’s note) Pay the biggest bill. So there’s no point in that.” (Formula 1 racing calendar 2021)

Haas boss Gunther Steiner did not blame Mazbein: “To be honest: when it happened, I didn’t see him either. But I spoke to both. I think Mick tried to get George (R)Osel, sleep. Dr.. red.) to overtake him, and had to slow down because he didn’t succeed. Nikita saw his chance there and was pure inside.”

For Steiner, the Russian did everything right: “He has to do it. If he doesn’t, he gets nowhere, and I have to describe it that way.” So for the Austrian it was “tough races, but by no means unfair”.


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