As always, Francis Lalane is angry. At this point, his goal is clear: DPMP’s columnists, presenter of the most popular talk show in France and producer of the show.

“Chess Hanuna, I refuse to go today even though he calls me everyday”, He started telling our colleagues on

“I no longer want to recognize his show. Dealing with light subjects is an acceptable show but when they are serious subjects, we can not give up on those who have back logic, who is there to bring down, who has IQ on a rock!”The singer continued.

“Twice I did this show, twice the product did not follow its commitment to discuss only with Cyril. I will never return unless I receive a public apology from Cyril,” Francis Lalanne declared.

With regard to the Eric Seymour event, the main interested party has a clear view on the matter: “It is absurd to think that we are censoring Francis Lalanne today. We are doing an ad like Eric Gemmore. He created an extreme right wing movement when Marine Le Pen appeared to be moderate next to him.”

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