GM to unveil the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Supercar in the fall |  Economie

General Motors (GM) It revealed that it will introduce the new Corvette Z06 supercar this fall and that it will in the future produce its GMC brand electric pickup truck that will be added to the GMC Hummer EV that the company plans to launch later this year.

The Corvette Z06 is a high-performance version of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car. But GM didn’t reveal on Monday whether the Corvette Z06 will be one of 30 new electric vehicles the US manufacturer plans to launch between now and 2025.

At the moment, a file is available electric car Confirmed by GM are the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck, two Hummer EVs and Cadillac Lyriq SUVs and an electric version of the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

In the video GM announcing the introduction of the Corvette Z06 this fall, the company noted that “the streets won’t look what they are.” GM added that the Z06 supercar would be a “warning to the world”.

In August 2020, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, revealed that he had been informed that General Motors was working on an electric version of the Corvette, one of the country’s most popular sports cars, and that it would be maxing out. At a speed of 322 kilometers per hour.

The announcement of the Corvette Z06 comes just weeks before the American consumer begins ordering the Corvette Stingray, the first version of the model with a mid-engined engine.

Also today, executives from GMC, the General Motors brand that specializes in pickup trucks and SUVs, revealed that they will be launching an electric pickup truck in the future.

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But the company hasn’t said more details, like launch dates or whether it will be an electric version of the current GMC Sierra.

General Motors’ main competitor, Ford, introduced the Lightning, the electric version of the F-150 pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle in the United States in 40 years in May.

Ford then said that the base version of the F-150 Lightning will be priced at $39,974, before incentives. The XLT model, with more technology and equipment, will be priced at $52,974.


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