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(ANSA) – SYDNEY, July 09 – A tight lockdown is back in Sydney, Australia, with five million residents no longer being allowed to leave their homes “unless absolutely necessary”. This was announced by the Prime Minister of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, while infections set a new record (44 new cases in 24 hours) with the variable delta now out of control and the vaccination campaign continuing very slowly across the continent as fewer people were vaccinated. More than 10% of the population.

Sydney – reports international media – is now in its third week of lockdown, and has now been tightened with new regulations: residents are prohibited from traveling more than 10 kilometers from their homes, outdoor exercise is limited to a maximum of two people and only one person per family can do their shopping . No more than 10 people can attend the funeral.

Berejiklian is trying to persuade NSW residents to stick to the rules and get vaccinated, warning that the state is going through its worst time since the pandemic began. Sydney citizens had hoped to get out of the lockdown on July 17, but experts say the state government may need to extend it.

“Until we get zero injuries or close to zero – we can’t loosen the restrictions,” the prime minister said. (handle).

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