Pedro Aquino and Henry Martin news of the second leg against Puebla;  Vines on the bench

Given the victims of Richard Sanchez and Federico Vinas, Fernando Ortiz chose Peruvian Aquino and the Mexican striker for the second leg against Puebla.

Pedro Aquino and Henry Martin will replace Richard Sanchez and Federico Viñas in America’s starting line-up for the return leg against Puebla at the Azteca Stadium.

Sanchez and Vinas were injured in the first leg, and Fernando Ortiz decided that the Peruvians and Mexicans would replace their teammates in the starting 11 to look for a place in the semi-finals.

Sources said, Saturday morning ESPN That “Tano” will keep the same starting rule he played during his time at Coapa, but with changes Pedro Aquino by Richard Sanchez and Henry Martin at the site of the wounded Federico Vinas.

In case AkinoThe Peruvian was in fierce competition to be the starter in the Azulcrema half and even so, on the last day of the tournament, he played against blue cross from your side Henry will replace chrome Being the only striker available in the squad after losing the Uruguayan striker.

He knocks out America in the second leg against Puebla with Ochoa, Jorge Sanchez, Bruno Valdes, Sebastian Caceres and Luis Fuentes In defense, midfield with Aquino, Fidalgo and Diego ValdesWhile in the attack they were jumping Zendegas, Roger Martinez and Henry Martin.

It should be noted that in Saturday’s quarter-final duel, America needs a draw or win to qualify for the semi-finals for the first time in the last three tournaments, and the good news for Azulcrimas is that they haven’t fallen out. Puebla In their last 5 home matches, they have won 4 and 1 draw.

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Meanwhile, Nicolas Larcamon started: Anthony Silva, Israel Reyes, Juan Segovia, Emmanuel Gularte, Maximiliano Araujo, Diego de Buen, Javier Salar, Federico Manquillo, Pablo Parra, Gustavo Ferraris and Fernando Aristigeta.

(Information from Cesar Caballero was used in this report)


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