Call Monfils, unfinished comeback against Johnny Chinner

We wanted the Wild and Electric Monfils to ensure its renaissance after its wandering period. Despite the disappointing defeat at the end of the suspense, we were not disappointed after this single fight against Johnny Chinner.

If one thinks that the Frenchman is overwhelmed by his stress at important moments, it is almost a misconception. He took the lead at 7-6, 6-2 and 4-3 and was able to regain some minor health by already returning two sets to one. But with the Italians 4-0 up in the fourth set, only “Monfilsaries” were used to believe it, little.

Monfils dropped 61 successful shots, but conceded 77 foes

After six consecutive games by a Thunder Presnick supporter, the unthinkable happened, with attacks from all directions to return, two monstrous services to regain the advantage at 5-4, and crush an opposition to complete the return. Alas, not finished after so many emotional reversals “My son! My son!” In favor of a short Lewis Armstrong, after fifth, Chinner quickly took the lead and maintained his nerves by serving the match 5-4, and used it long after 3 hours 41 from the last enemy attack. To play.

We saw it all in these third round hitters

We saw the scorers in this third round against Johnny Chinner. Spectacular and profound. If he had been struck by a thunderbolt at the start of the match, and he had confirmed some beautiful shots of defensive courage, the Monfils would have unfortunately fished, sometimes in the encounter that Covid had previously lost in his life, moments of intense tension.

While leading 6-5, 30-0, Gunder Bresnick’s supporter left the game with four unforced errors (including a double error) to give the youngster four points, after which the tie – break was released smoothly, and then again made several mistakes and made two faces in his face. The second set was dropped after losing the pattern.

So, before returning, he stumbled into the eighth game of the third set, especially saving 5-3 and launching fierce attacks to drop the opponent. Before the madness of the fourth set came back … and at the end of the fifth set he saved the ball 4-1, double break, then another 5-2.

At the start of the match, the Italian, who has been in random form since winning the ATP 500 tournament in Washington, was able to feel the presence, without much determination, after his first two rounds against the wild cards (Purcell and Swazzda). But revived in this match, the Italian was able to show his strike quality, his performance in service, his ability to bring back anti-missiles, a sense of realism, and his courage at the start of the set. And his silence to resist this fun match. Having not won a single match on the flushing lawn before this edition he will find himself in the 16th round where he will find the winner of the Sverev-Zack match.

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