The 65-year-old discovered he was successful during infections.

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The US Lottery and Gaming Regulatory Authority said The Maryland man has won the $ 2 million lottery for the second time in recent years.

It is about a 65-year-old retired man whose name has not been made public; Material has purchased two scratch tickets for the $ 2,000,000 Richter map at the Salisbury City Gas Station..

The amazing thing is Both tickets were winners, the first $ 100 and the other $ 2 million.

Double lottery winner: Maryland man wins $ 2 million again
Double Lottery Winner: Maryland Man Wins Two Millions… Again!

If that’s not enough, This is not the first time a person from Maryland has won the lottery jackpot, Because many years ago he won a two million dollar prize that he used to fund his retirement and take his family on vacation.

Now retired, he said in the lottery that his new income would go to other family vacations and home improvements.

He was lucky to find out he had won during the epidemics, but kept the ticket safely hidden until a few days before the expiration date. “I was afraid it wasn’t real,” he added.

In addition, the person from Maryland gave a piece of advice to prospective players: “Be realistic and when you play, make sure you are not playing for the big prize. Play to enjoy, as long as you enjoy what you do, win or lose, you have already won, ”he said. Retired.

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