Russian ships to the Ionian region: what is happening in front of Italy

Tension is rising The Mediterranean Seawhere is the Russian warships Continue to the tail of NATO fleets aimed towards The coasts of Calabria Ionian sea. The movements of the Kremlin’s vehicles, analyzed by analysts and experts, are useful in determining the possible strategy of Russia away from the Ukrainian battlefield.

Russia in the Mediterranean

What is happening off the Italian coast? For two months now, the cruiser Varyag and the fighter Tributs It creates many problems for NATO aircraft carrier; We refer to the American Truman, the French de Gaulle and the Italian Cavour. Especially stressed the first two RepublicWashington and Paris launched their Hornet and Rafale aircraft on multiple patrol flights over the Black Sea thanks to these aircraft carriers.

Anyway, the Russian ships, could not reach the Black Sea like Turkey It closed the Bosphorus to the transit of warships, and therefore it operates in the Mediterranean which caused many troubles for NATO. Which should not only highlight Ukraine, but also keep an eye on areas not far from its coastItalia.

We talked about Varyag and Tributs. Both, after turning off SyriaThey returned to the Ionian Sea accompanied by the cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the frigate Kasatanov and the fighter Kulikov. It has been reported with some concern for several days.

Ships and submarines

the gate CovertShore I depicted the inherent situation of ships but we must also add appearance Russian submarine kilo, immortalized off the coast of Cyprus. According to various rumors, we find at least three of these submarines in the middle of the Mediterranean. However, it remains to be understood why the submarine appeared; Perhaps due to technical problems but the question is not clear yet. Yes, because Kilo, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, usually remain submerged during their missions, moreover, they act silently.

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The point that we should be careful about is that we are talking about equipped military vehicles cruise missiles caliberJust like frigates and fighters. To tell the truth, the above-mentioned Kalibers, which were already used in Ukraine, could again hit Kyiv and its surroundings from these latitudes if they were launched from the Ionian Sea. On the other hand, the flagship could count on more formidable weapons, such as missiles capable of shooting down even aircraft carriers.

The situation in the Black Sea

We talked about the Italian coasts and the Mediterranean. To close the circuit, it is useful to have an overview of what is happening in the water black sea. On April 3, several Russian missiles hit the port of Mykolaiv. It is the signal that could herald a new offensive by Moscow along the Ukrainian coast.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Mikhail Popov was transferred by taxHe said US ships would not return to the Black Sea in the near future because they fear Ukrainian mines. “American ships are afraid to return to the Black Sea in the near future, and will wait until the dangers of mines are completely removed.He said in an interview with the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.United State – he added – They do not want to help their European friends who are left face to face with the problems that Ukraine continues to create“.


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