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The Greens will in all likelihood belong to the next federal government. Annalena Barbach and Robert Habeck comment on the issues. Live ticker.

  • The federal election 2021 * took place on September 26 in Germany.
  • The government’s contribution to Greens * is almost certain.
  • Annalena Barbach * and Robert Hapek * speak at a press conference about possible alliances in the federal government *. All about it in our live ticker.

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+++ 3.15 pm: The press conference with Annalena Barbach and Robert Hapek concludes with some conclusions on the importance of climate neutrality.

+++ 3:12 pm: When asked, Annalena Barbaug clarified between the lines that she was going to talk to the SPD first. She also questions whether there will be so much talk in the union in the next few days. Both party leaders see Kroko as a viable alternative, and according to Habek, they have the absolute will to rule.

+++ Afternoon 3.10: The worst mistake Annalena Barbach made? “I will never write a book again,” he says.

+++ 3:09 pm: Annalena Barbach should see tax evasion as a major problem in Germany. “Tax evasion is a distortion of competition,” Habek argues, adding that “even the FDP should look into it.”

After the general election: Baerbock and Habeck do not want to talk about positions

+++ 3:03 pm: Who can get which position in which coalition is always a topic at the press conference. This time the question is whether Christian Lindner is fit to be finance minister. “It’s not right to talk about the allocation of positions,” Robert Habeck reiterated.

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+++ 3pm: Annalena Barbach does not trust a new crocodile. This is contrary to everything clarified by the SPD. Robert Habeb says, “The first vertical climber was Marcus Soder.

+++ 2:57 pm: Both party leaders did not want to divulge whether they had already spoken to Armin Lachett on the phone.

+++ 14.55pm: Now it is The difference in the handling of state funds between the FDP and the green theme. Robert Habeb calls this the “dividing position.” Greens want to make new loans to finance climate neutrality. No FDP. “It’s expensive now,” says Robert Hapek. But: in the end it’s not about “going one way”, but about “reaching the goal”.

+++ 2.47 pm: Barbach considers modernization and social justice to be the most important issue in this country. Because she sees her responsibility as a green. Despite the political and thematic closeness to the SPD, Habek insists that one must be open to a new alliance: “Something new may arise.” It can release energy. However, Annalena Barbach insists that the future of the economy must be climate-neutral. The Ministry of Economy acting against the Ministry of Environment cannot be in the new coalition.

Barbach and Habeb on the alliance: “All possibilities must be explored”

+++ 2.37pm: A journalist asks if the Greens will elect Armin Lachett as president. “Lashett had some problems in the election campaign,” says Robert Habeb, but one has to accept the vote. Habeck again emphasizes traffic lighting as a clear option. But you have to talk to others. “All possibilities need to be explored,” Habek says. He talks about the expansion of the political structure. Now the task is to find the bridge. Hebeck brings Schleswig-Holstein into the game.

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+++ 2.33 pm: Both Greens’ party leaders did not want to divulge much about the preliminary divisions. Habeck did not want to announce when they would like to meet with the FDP.

Afternoon +++ 02:26: Annalena Barbach and Robert Habeb reiterate that the results of the federal election show a clear desire for change. “People in this country want to rule better,” Barbach told a news conference Monday. However, one does not want to discuss employee issues with the public.

Robert Habeb and Annalina Berbaugh, federal leaders of the Greens, attend a meeting of the Pontnis 90 / Di Cronen group the day after the federal election.

NK Needfield / DPA

First Report: BERLIN – There were mixed feelings at the Green Party headquarters after the federal election on Sunday evening. Although the party gained 5.8 percent to 14.8 percent compared to the last general election, it still fell short of expectations and poll results.

But it is almost certain that the party surrounding presidential candidate Anna Lena will join the future federal government. Together with the FDP, the Greens will be two smaller partners in a coalition. The only question is with which principal. Because the choice is a traffic light with election winner SPD and a Chancellor Olaf Scholz *. Or a Jamaican alliance with the Union and a CDU * President Armin Lashed *.

At 2:15 p.m., Green Top candidate Annalena Barbach and her co-chair Robert Hapek will comment at a press conference on the federal election results and possible alliances.

Bundestag Election 2021: Greens want to set the course for the future

According to Fairbanks, the future government coalition will set the course for the future, according to the best candidate in the “Berlin Round” of the ARD and ZDF on Sunday evening. Berbach said the next federal government should set the course for Germany to become climate neutral over the next two decades. Then you have to talk to all the actors: “This is not about the least common class, but really at this historic moment right now … setting the course for the future.”

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The Greens were elected by a large number of young people. It is about generational equality. The Future Alliance * must now lay all the safety rails so that Germany not only goes on the path of climate neutrality, but also ensures that the country’s prosperity is preserved, Barbaugh said. Together with Robert Hapek * he will discuss how to meet this great responsibility.

Olaf Scholes (SPD) has a “clear flow of hope” from the Greens

Habeck said the FDP * would be approached first. Can now form an alliance “with its own identity”. Habek insisted that Olaf Scholes had received a “clear leap of faith” from the electorate and that the SPD * would be “ahead of the union.” So a traffic light alliance is not a definite success.

Green executive director Michael Kelner also sees Olaf Scholes as a clear winner in the election. “Voters liked Olaf Scholes, Armin Lashett has weak values,” the 44-year-old told the DPA. “We are now closer to an SPD than a union,” Kelner continued. The Greens are still ready to negotiate with all Democrats. (Sonja Thomas with DPA) *fr.de is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.


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