Gran Turismo 7 Update: Increased Event Rewards

Polyphony Digital actually wanted to use “Gran Turismo 7” to restore fans’ recently fluctuating favourite, thanks to several modes and features brought back from older parts of the series. However, this only worked for the press, as evidenced by the huge gap between ratings Metacritic It says: A descriptive score of 87 is compared to a user score of only 1.8. why is that?

Expensive microtransactions

Many cars are very expensive in real life and now there is also a luxury product in the game that should actually be a dream come true.

It’s all about the economy of the game: “Gran Turismo 7” has a very large number of unlockable cars. As usual, users often have to pay for this with in-game currency, which is distributed to complete in-game activities. However, the developers were so stingy that it took several hours to earn enough money even half way to secure the dream chariot. There is also a maximum number of credits that users can earn.

Of course, there is also the easiest way: to get a real wallet. Please allow developers to purchase real-money transaction cars – sometimes at very exorbitant prices. This combination leads to the conclusion that players have been deliberately pressured to use microtransactions. Consider a game that costs around 80 euros for the PlayStation 5. Among other things, the community responded with “review bombing”, that is, leaving bad reviews on sites like Metacritic.

Developers are interacting

Developers now have with Update 1.11 reaction. The maximum credits earnings are now 100 million, and many events push out significantly more coins after the correction. These include hour-long endurance races, daily race lobbies, and second-half events at the World Circuit. Arcade and custom races also provide more rewards. The coming days should show whether this will be enough to erase the bitter taste of the state of liberation. The related guide shows you the best cars for all kinds of racing in “Gran Turismo 7”.
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