Luke Rabidale, president of the Los Angeles Kings and a former star player, would have lost a quarter of a million dollars on an investment in a Quebec corporation called Reso Nemex in the 2000s, the former told us. -Passer Company, Carl Talbot.

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Rabidail has been a member of the company’s board of directors. Nemex marketed fitness equipment through Informats on TV.

Singer Paula Abdul appeared in commercials.

Hockey and Petroleum

This is not the only failed investment by Luke Rapidale. The California media reported in 2011 that the Santa Monica house, owned by a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, had been forecast to have financial and legal issues with former business partner William “Boots” del Piaggio III.

Rapidale and the latter bought an Omaha hockey team and an oil company in the 2000s and plan to invest together in real estate, the report said. Los Angeles Times.

Del Piaggio, a former Silicon Valley guru, pleaded guilty in 2009 to forgery of $ 110 million in debt.

According to LA Times, Rabidail would have been liable for the $ 2 million debt tax contracted by two former partners.

In one case, according to Rapidail’s allegations, del Piaggio abused that margin.

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