Photo by Lola Marois in a swimsuit with Jean-Marie Begaard: this surprising and bold statement

Lola Marois posted a photo of herself in a swimming pool with her husband, Jean-Marie Begaard. The actress even made a funny statement to him on her Instagram account.

love has no limits. Especially for Jean-Marie Beegard and Lola Marois. Married since 2011 to the 67-year-old famous comedian, The 38-year-old actress Willing to do anything for him. Once the latter is controversial for comments or under attack, the actress the most beautiful life He pulls his claws. Beautiful proof of love The oldest actress is 29 years old From the mother of twins Jules and Bella. A significant difference in age never bothered Lola Marois when she met Jean-Marie Beegard. “I was still a 24-year-old girl But it is relatively mature and which has taken so many blows, I was very scratched, I captured to me non-stop people, in November 2020. I was not a carefree 24 year old girl. I already had a lot of experience. This experience, these defects, and these neuroses were integrated with him. He is someone who has suffered a lot. His parents are dead. Oddly enough, it was a very intellectual thunderbolt. Obviously, people thought he might have been eyeing a 24-year-old, blonde and bimbo, but There was something stronger than that and a very intellectual connection.

humorous statement

Years later, Jean-Marie Beegard and Lola Marois are still in love and Not embarrassed at all because of the age difference. Actress so enjoy it. She is currently on vacation with her husband, and regularly shares videos and other photos of her stay in the sun. And when she’s not looking super sexy in a bikini, she immortalizes her beloved. on his Instagram account, She posted a picture about kissing Jean-Marie BegaardIn a swimsuit, sitting by the pool. Alaa.. only if I was ten years younger…Comment on it with humor. The post that entertains and influences netizens, is happy to see that the couple loves each other as on the first day and Doesn’t care about critics. “We can immediately see that there is a lot of love between the two of you. You have also built a beautiful family together“,”Love is really beautiful“,”Your love is beautiful. Everything around you“,”That’s right, you just have to love each other, the rest no matter how much we don’t care“or”This picture exudes love and tenderness between youCan we read in the comments. Swimming lovers in happiness!

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