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C. Wormser, G. Sabin, S. Ruaux, Aerial images: OPA / Chantiers de l’Atlanique – France 2

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The race for giant sailing ships continues with a new record-breaking at the shipyards in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique). The 362-meter ship, named Wonder of the Seas, left the “Wonder of the Seas” for four days of testing, before it reached China.

He made one last maneuver in the waters of the Loire, before tasting the ocean for the first time. After three years of work, the wonder of the seas has finally emerged from its cradle, before the eyes of the spectators. “It’s a big beast‘ A passerby smiles. It is the largest boat in the world. The height of the 20-storey building is 362 meters.

On board, 2870 cabins can accommodate 7000 passengers. On Friday, August 20, 500 professionals will go to sea for a series of tests, stability or even electricity, in order to check the compliance of the ship. The Wonder of the Seas won’t be handed over until November to its American owner, the world’s second largest ship owner. For Atlantic shipyards, this represents an unexpected financial gain of one billion euros. The liner is scheduled to arrive at its attack port Shanghai (China) next February for business throughout Asia.


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