Eiza González demuestra fuerza femenina en el Oscar

The strength of the Mexican woman was felt yesterday in the list of new members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the United States, where four of the five guests are women.

Actress Esa Gonzalez (Godzilla vs. Kong), producer Ina Bayan (La Cola de Oro), sound specialist Isabel Muñoz (Blissbooth), short filmmaker Rita Basulto (Rain in the Eyes) and actor Luis Gerardo Mendes (We are the Gentlemen) join the new list.

AMPAS (for its English acronym) has also confirmed the official entry of the new Academy Award winners for their work in Sound of metal, Michelle Couttolenc, Carlos Cortés and Jamie Basksht.

“It seems very good to me that women are starting to have more space in creative decisions, in general, I think it is a path that we have been going for a long time, but I think the important thing is that we grow together, women and men,” considers Payan.

Via her Twitter account, Isa thanked the invitation, but lamented that Latinos make up only 4.6% of Hollywood.

“Having four Latino actors on this list is a step towards greater representation. Acting is important in front of and behind the screen.”


Luis Gerardo Mendes was also selected by the Academy Awards. Photo: Archivo / EL UNIVERSAL.

“I was incredibly honored to become a member at such an important moment to represent Latina on the big screen,” Mendez supported on the social network.

The guest list totals 395 guests from 50 countries. Affiliation with AMPAS allows voting in the annual Academy Awards.

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In the meantime, Muñoz celebrated this with his entry and the presence of other Mexicans at previous Oscars, such as Sergio Diaz (Rome), a generally mistreated department in Mexico recognised.

“Now the female presence here is starting to grow in sound, about five years ago. Live sound is not a popular category and if we add to that a few women in a primarily male-run department, I can say that I am lucky, I am also lucky that I have never felt discriminated against” , confirms a film training center graduate.

None of the new guests were notified of the official announcement from the Academy; They admitted to hearing messages from friends who congratulated them: “We’re after the loss, we’re working,” Bayan stressed.


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